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TruScript is a membership prescription plan that’s all about you. We help you find the right drugs at much lower pricing. We even have over 200 drugs available at no cost! But we offer more than just savings: Our friendly advisors and online search tools make the entire process quick and easy.

With TruScript on your side, you’re in control. Now you can have complete confidence in the prices you pay at the pharmacy!

Our benefits include:

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    We’re real people with extensive experience in prescriptions and drug pricing. You can talk to us, ask us questions and trust our advice. Have questions about your prescriptions? Need to find a better price? Call us! Our advisors will help in any way they can.

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    Our negotiated drug prices are intended to give you access to unbeatable prices. We also make it easy to compare prices at nearby pharmacies so that you can find the best price in town.

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    There’s often a lower-cost drug option or a less expensive way to order the drug your doctor prescribed. And our Preferred Price List lets you select from over 200 drugs at no cost, and over 600 drugs for under $25! By knowing your choices, you’ll have the confidence to talk to your doctor and pharmacist about your preferences.

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    Our online tools make it quick and easy to search for drugs by name. You can also search for cheaper alternatives and generics to increase your savings.

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    Membership is just $19.95 a month. Our intention is for you to save more on your prescription drugs then it costs for our membership - maybe even on your first transaction! On average, our members save $1,200 every year*. Saving you and your family money is our goal. As a member, if you’re not saving money, our advocates will try to find other opportunities so you do.

From the start, our goal has been to remove the fear and frustration caused by today’s complex prescription marketplace. We’re a full-service prescription plan aimed at making drugs more affordable for everyone.
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Who benefits the most from TruScript?

  • Anyone paying 100% of the cost
    of their prescriptions.

  • Anyone who wants to explore
    drug alternatives.

  • Anyone struggling with
    high deductibles.

  • Anyone who doesn’t have
    insurance coverage.

Members choose us because they know we care. They trust our advice and appreciate the additional services we provide. They enjoy being treated with respect and compassion. And they know we make life easier with every refill.

What about all those discount cards?

Discount cards may offer reduced drug prices, but it’s hard to know how much you’ll save. These cards have to pay a “middleman” which increases each drug’s cost. TruScript has pre-negotiated, extremely low, no “middleman” pharmacy prices - so you get the TruPrice. Plus, we offer additional valuable services like our TruAdvisors and Preferred Price List.

Discover the true story of TruScript.

From the start, our goal was to remove the fear and frustration caused by today’s complex prescription marketplace. Here’s our story thus far...

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Here’s what TruScript members are saying:
  • “It’s wonderful to be able to call a TruScript advisor with questions or concerns. They’re always friendly and helpful!”

    Sarah Rochelle, Concord

    “The savings on just one prescription more than covers our monthly TruScript membership fee.”

    Bill and Judy Jones, Charlottesville
  • “Even my pharmacist was amazed by how much I saved using my TruScript card!”

    Danny Jacobs, Raleigh

    “Thank goodness for this plan! Since I lost my insurance coverage, TruScript has been a lifesaver!”

    Jan Wright, Dallas
  • “I was having difficulty finding the best alternatives for my prescription. Their website tools made it easy!”

    Jasmine Thorp, High Point

    “I saved over $80 on my prescription.”

    Sam Flint, Hendersonville
  • “The savings have been great and their customer assistance has been fantastic!”

    Clint Malfoy, Jamestown

    “I was hesitant at first but I signed up for the free trial and saw my savings.”

    Haylee Robinson, Owens

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